Monday, June 14, 2010

I AM: Natamba


In my last blog, I shared a bit about what I understand of the Impossibilities and the Positive Possibilities. Once we allow ourselves to choose life in the Positive Possibilities, I AM consciousness begins to arise and our lives flower.

As a continuation of my last entry, in this blog I share my understanding of I AM consciousness. I also share how I feel my current show and album "Natamba" are an expression of my I AM journey.

Please enjoy and feel free to post comments or ask questions.
May all beings everywhere be happy.
Lokah samasthah sukhino bhavantu.


I AM: the expansive experience of interconnection to all, through all, of all in each moment…pure consciousness arising. There have been moments I have experienced this. First though, must come the practice of rooting my life in the positive possibilities of being, a state in which I unequivocally know that my true nature is Love. In the positive possibilities I know and experience that I am loved in each moment, connected beyond the grasp of the limited mind to and within a vast, mysterious whole, of which I am an integral part. In this, there is release of the impossibilities tendency to grasp, repulse, constrict and try to control the moment. In the Positive Possibilities I meet this moment, without resistance, and witness what is. In that space of what is, I AM arises, and so flows the expression of pure consciousness. The positive possibilities is the fertile soil for I AM consciousness to grow.


My life focus is the realization of the One. Art is a vehicle through which I express and explore this journey. "Natamba" is Grace for me. It provides me with an opportunity to activate, live and share the spaciousness and release I practice in sitting meditation. It provides me with a playground in which to practice non-attachment, to witness what is, to expand and share the joy of being alive.

Yoga is so much more than a series of bendy exercises for physical health. These are only an aspect of Hatha Yoga, the yoga that awakens pure consciousness through exercises that purify the body/mind. There are many branches of Yoga, from Hatha yoga, to Karma yoga, which focuses on self-realization through selfless service, seeing the love-light energy within all things, especially those in need. Yoga is a vast life science that explores and reveals to us our true selves, beyond the grasp of our limited ego and personal will.

The show and album Natamba celebrate the non-duality of life, that we are indeed expressions of the divine. Through song, lights, sound and theatrical elements, we are brought through a journey of transformation, beginning in the desolate landscape of isolation and despair of reptilian interference, to the lush expansion of Avalonian consciousness flowering on Earth. Natamba teaches us that yoga is everywhere: each moment, be it in a nightclub or in a meditation hall, provides us with seeds to awaken to who we really are.


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  2. Parvati, thanks for taking the time to explain Yoga In The Nightclub and how it relates to I AM consciousness. I can see that Lokah is imbibed into every breath and movement of your work.

    Thank you for your vision, talent and selfless service to bring forward Yoga, I AM consciousness in all things. We need it.

  3. Parvati, your explanation of I AM consciousness is simple and beautiful. I've had moments of feeling rooted and connected to my inner being or true self, which were moments of pure joy, peace and freedom, yet to experience expansive interconnection to all, through all, of all in each moment must be like heaven on earth. Wow!

  4. I think your Yoga in the Nightclub vision is amazing! Love it!

  5. Om Namah Shivaya!

    So much in these words - a true inspiration for those on the journey.

    I would like to hear from you more about this:
    "My life focus is the realization of the One."
    Could you explain what the One is, and how and when you came to feel that was the focus of your life? Yes, I have some understanding of the notion, but I sense that not all of your audience will have such, and I think it would be good to share a little more about this.

    Jai Ma!