Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Listening to the Call


Unseen Saints

Many people throughout the world each day perform miracles, unseen, unheard, unnoticed and often unappreciated. The more I mature, the more I feel anyone who is a mother or parent is somewhat of a saint, faced with the immense challenges of rearing a child in a hurried, demanding world. The continual call for patience and ever deepening love when faced with the many challenges that one would never have imagined pre-parenting, may seem beyond one’s ability. When in front of a screaming, needing child, a mother or parent is asked to transcend their limited perceptions of the moment and go beyond the immediate sense of me and mine to a place of interconnection, shared compassion and fluid, selfless service. And there are other people who quietly help someone cross the street or without hesitation jump into action when they come suddenly upon a crisis. The basic goodness of the human soul thrives, despite our collective history laced with brutality and immense tragedy. What is it that calls us to action, when perhaps few understand or when we feel challenged to move beyond our sense of personal limit? What speaks to us within our heart that provides unseen energy to overcome immense obstacles and adversity?

Poverty in Body, Spirit and Love

The challenge to take a trip to the North Pole is no great heroic journey, when I look at the transcendent courage in people all over the world who struggle to get through even just today without basic needs such as food, water and shelter. I have participated over the years in many charitable organizations to help feed the hungry and give money to the poor. I have touched this need. I have seen the broken look in the eyes of those living on the street, desperate for things we in the West take for granted.

And the amount of suffering on the planet goes well beyond that. There are those who tell themselves they have it all, and yet daily struggle trying to fill a deep, dark hole in their soul that only increases, leaving them feeling lifeless, on the verge of suicide. There are those that feel lost and do not know their own magnificence. There are those that have not yet awakened to who they truly are, feeling they must do things the way others tell them to, silencing their inner voice, dimming their unique light. This too is a kind of poverty and hunger, a poverty of spirit that is rampant on the planet at this time.

The more I awaken spiritually, the more I feel a deep interconnection with all. This, at one level, allows me to feel immense joy, vast energy and an inner wealth like no thing material could ever give. I also feel more aware of the suffering, the grief and the disconnect within people on the planet at this time. The more the voice of I AM awakens within me, the more I hear the planet speak, the more I hear Her children, us all, cry, in need. In addition to the poverty in body and spirit in our world today, there is tremendous poverty of love.

Before The Journey Begins

Before I considered committing to the North Pole journey, I hesitated. My only concern was, could the money required not be better spent to feed the hungry and shelter the poor? I could think only of that, to the point that it became a bit of a personal roadblock to the unfolding journey I was being called to walk. I had to look inside, sit myself down in meditation, and go deeper, deeper, deeper into the heart of the gnawing, restless question.

After a few days in this practice, I began to open and see a whole new reality. I began to see that I would not be using money from a singular, finite source of money that somehow had a hold on all money in the world. I realized there is no shortage of money on the planet. But there is shortage of consciousness, not because consciousness is not here, but because our receptors are backed up, busy listening to other channels. If we were open receptors, abundance in all ways would be among us.

I also began to see myself more clearly in the picture, the Self that is connected to the abundance of all that is. I saw that I could spend, if I had it, billions of dollars towards world famine and still, famine would be there. Not to say we must not all do all we can to ensure all beings have the food, shelter and love they need. On the contrary. This is my single and primary intention in all I do: serve. What I saw is that the money I would spend on the trip to the North Pole to facilitate healing on the Earth herself and help raise awareness to the ecological impact of the melting polar cap is my way of contributing to easing both the seen and unseen poverty of body, spirit and heart on the planet at this time. What is the root of suffering? People feeling attached and disconnected. If we all felt connected to the infinite source of love, we all would be in service to each other, selflessly. There would be no more poverty in body, spirit or heart.

The Unique Voice of the Call

Some people build houses. Some people bake bread. Some people give medicine to the sick, some counsel the grieving and some make lots of money to give to those in need. The most direct and effective way I can offer healing has always been through sound and energy-work in the unseen. This is my voice. This is something I can do. This is the Divine at work through me. I do not have the rough hands of a carpenter or the skilled touch of a surgeon. I do work that bricklayers, counsellors and medical doctors cannot. In expressing my unique voice, my unique talents, I am part of the solution.

The money I spend on this trip provides a means to touch the energy of millions of people around the globe. This is my way to reach out. If I were to silence this voice that rumbles deep within, I would not be listening to the call of the Mother. For some, the call comes in a direct message, spoken from the lips of their spiritual teacher. For some, the message comes through synchronicity, life events that guide us to act, showing us how, when, where and why. For some it comes not from the lips of physical counsel but through dreams, meditations and spoken through the unseen in clear, unshakable Knowing. Those who understand the unseen are tested through it. The tests of life cultivate unshakable faith, knowing that we are the daughters and sons of She, shown through whatever means She best knows we need to learn.

The bricklayer knows how to pour the correct portions to create strong cement. The doctor knows what medicines will save lives. The musician creates music that inspires and emits sounds that heal. The healer knows how life-force moves through all to help release obstructions in the unseen. We all can listen to the call in whatever form it comes to us. At its root, it is always expansive, even if it feels scary. There are no differing voices, just differing languages. I hear Her call. If I were to silence this voice, it would be a crime against Nature Herself, the very essence of which I am.

May all beings be free. May all be well. May all be happy. May all be at peace.
Lokah Samasthah Sukhino Bhavanthu
Jai Ma,


  1. Om Namah Shivaya

    Thank you for this thoughtful entry Parvati Devi. I was thinking just this morning about how the universe conspires in such a way that each of us is unique, and yet of the same source. Life itself is such a miracle.


    Jai Ma!


  2. Om Namah Shivaya,

    I am so grateful for your presence in my life, Parvati, because you are so committed to heeding the call without allowing worry about other people's opinions to get in the way. I am still just taking the first toddling steps in this direction, still very much attached to a desire for approval from others to make me feel secure in my own knowing. But you commit so fully and with such love that it reminds me there is another way than to remain attached as I have been. Thank you for your courage, for your trailblazing.

  3. Ditto Pranada's comment ("I am so grateful for your presence in my life, Parvati.."). Since I feel like am so stuck, so desperate for approval, so limited by autism-spectrum social disability, so unable to hear any kind of calling, and feeling like I am not even close to achieving enough in the world for someone my age, it's good for me to be around Amma devotees who are able to act on their inner voice and do fulfilling, expansive things.

  4. Parvati, how beautiful that you are journeying to the north pole at great risk to yourself to help so many people. I so admire your strength and your courage. Yes, you are right you absolutely MUST listen to your inner call. If only more people would do this, we could turn this world around.

  5. Wow Parvati. What a great blog entry. Thanks for that. Today I feel my inner voice being stifled by trying to please people and explain to them why we are going to the North Pole. Looking for approval externally instead of resting in the knowing that this is in divine right order for me.

  6. In explaining how we all have a voice, and that silencing it would be a violation against nature helps me see how we each can help by using our own special gift. I also agree with Pranada in that you are a supreme role model in showing us how to commit fully to I AM with love, grace, courage and non-attachment. I support you and your efforts and thank you. Jai Ma!

  7. Miracles, as Parvati said, are always happening. We expect miracles to be full of lights and smoke and flashy things, but the biggest miracles are the simplest ones. When a miracle is simple, the ego cannot be there, as it cannot claim that anything special has been done. Thus the first and biggest miracle is to serve without attachment of any type, in that place there is not ego and therefore interconnection. From that all other miracles come.

    Also, may all of us, with our talents allow miracles to happen, each of us have a way,. And each way is as important as the others. One person can always make a difference.

  8. I find it interesting to return to this post and see the comment I made a year and a half ago. Since that time, there has been a number of intense lessons and a great deal of grace, and I can no longer resonate with what I said then about feeling like a fearful toddler who desires approval from others. As a fierce commitment to listening to my own call has begun to flower within me, I simply hail the fierce commitment within this post and recognize this kind of commitment as absolutely essential on the path.

    I am deeply grateful for the experiences that have come, as painful as some of them have been at the time. I see it has all been Amma's grace. As you said, "The tests of life cultivate unshakeable faith."

    The spiritual path is not a PR campaign. We are here to be of service, each in our way. Jai Ma.