Sunday, January 16, 2011

North Pole Journey - Day Four, Part Two


Around midday, we land to refuel in the Canadian weather station Eureka, official population seven. As the plane lowers to the ground, I notice unusual animals in the distance that look like prehistoric woolly mammoths. As we deplane, the pilots tell us that we have landed near a heard of wild muskox. We are encouraged to take a closer look, so Sunanda, Rishi and I walk cautiously towards the heard. Their long, furry dark brown coats are layered with clusters of ice. A couple of beasts shake their heads, steam escaping from their nostrils in the rush of an exhale. They know they have onlookers. As though these creatures are the dark, rocky mountains that surround us come to life, a wild, untouched force feels clear in their presence.

Soon a truck pulls up to the plane. Two inhabitants of the weather station have arrived to greet us, offering us the use of the washrooms there if need be, while the pilots refuel. The three of us go quickly to be back in the sky about 20 minutes later. We still have another couple of hours until we reach our final destination.


As the hours pass, the kilometers of vast, expansive scenery out the plane window is breathtaking. Throughout the flight from Resolute Bay to Eureka and now here, heading northbound somewhere above uninhabited Canadian wild, we have been graced by clear skies. Below us I see rolling and plunging icy fiords with rock as black as night and snow a sparkling white as pure as crystal. We pass over dusty steel-blue-grey frozen ocean with broken sheets of pale white ice. When open water appears, it looks as black as the mountainsides, dark, deep and menacing. Certainly this landscape does not welcome humans. I am grateful, despite the beauty, for being in the relative safety of this tiny, warm plane.

Out of the window over my shoulder, I continually notice a shimmering light in the sky. It is as though a dancing ray has been following us since we departed this morning. It creates sharp shards of golden beams that pierce the sky, then grow into a fiery expanse. I lean into Sunanda and suggest that Archangel Ariel is with us. For sure, this plane, that I would call Grace, feels escorted by angels. Filled with prayers, mantras and healing intentions, there is a harmonious presence in us all, a surrender to this experience.


I notice the co-pilot Mark looking back at us from the cockpit to catch our attention. He signals it is about an hour until we land. Sunanda and I pull open our bags and get out hairpins, brushes, makeup, mirrors, costume and the wig. It is time for me to get ready for my performance and transform into Natamba, the Avalonian Goddess from my show. Using the petrol barrels as our tabletop, carefully and skillfully, Sunanda and I manage to paint my face, tie up my hair, place the new, makeshift wig on my head and clothe me fully in a gold flight suit, made especially for this trip.

Natamba to me is much more than an entertainment character. She represents the Cosmic Intelligence, the highest good in us all. The embodiment of I AM consciousness, she is a multidimensional co-creator of the most potent kind. On Earth to serve the evolution of all beings, it is perfectly fitting that ‘she’ will perform my songs at the North Pole. In effect, this is the journey of Natamba to the top of the world.

The plane starts to make its descent. Sunanda and I quickly wrap up our wardrobe preparations. Rishi gets his video gear ready. As we land, we know we only have a three-hour window to do all we have come to do, otherwise jeopardizing our safe return tonight. The sun sets very early. As it is already mid-afternoon, we must work very quickly.

As we land, Mark, already on the ground, opens our cabin door to help us deplane as it is a five-foot descent down slippery stairs. To his surprise, he looks up and sees Natamba in full costume emerging from the dark out of the cabin door hole. Amazed, he takes a few steps back and says: “Wow! THAT is cool!” 

Sunanda, Rishi and I climbed into the plane in the wee hours this morning. Five hours later, while the pilots focused on navigating by paper maps over the magnetic north pole, magic had been taking place within the cabin. Now a new character has emerged, transformed during the journey. Natamba, the embodiment of I Am consciousness, a representative of the Cosmic Intelligence, will sing to the Mother Earth and for all beings at the top of the world. Surely this is a most unusual adventure. 


  1. While these events unfolded, I and another Earth Team member and some supporters joined the celebrations of Amma's birthday at the ashram in Halton Hills. As we chanted Amma's 108 Names and sang bhajans, I felt Her presence so strongly, and also very strongly connected to the three of you up North. It was most beautiful. There is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that your work was ordained, governed and blessed by the Divine Mother. I knew it full well that morning. I also knew that it was far more important to do my dharma and listen to what I know Amma is calling me to do, than to be concerned with approval from the outside world. I feel most blessed and privileged to have been a part of this work and count it as one of the highest opportunities for seva - if not the very highest - I have been graced to receive in my time as an Amma devotee.

  2. Isn't the plural of muskox "muskoxen"? :)

  3. Good question! You are probably correct. I just did a little online search and see that both are used.

  4. Oh! Your description of the mountains; the frozen oceans and the ice and sky are so beautiful. One of the most unifying and harmonious elements supporting Gaiia is water. So incredible in its properties! I have long wondered about what intrinsic communication properties water has.
    It seems to me your most difficulty entry is yet to come. How to describe the experience in words? I will send some creativity prayers your way, and know that you have deep and powerful narrative skills!
    As always, thank you.

  5. There is one phrase that caught my attention: "a new character has emerged, transformed during the journey." Isn't that the same for all of us? Sometimes it feels for me that I have to go through something painful and difficult, only to feel transformed and reborn when I come out at the other end. This journey is not easy and is not for the faint of heart. It takes tremendous courage to face the shadow side of our character and to keep going. Yet, we are infinitely and completely supported by the Universe, Cosmic Intelligence, Angels or God or whatever name you want to put on it. May we all feel this support every moment of every day.

  6. The muskox, very interesting, I did not even know they existed. Getting dressed in the airplane might have been a little shaky despite the good weather, good job.