Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ask Parvati 30: Creating Your Reality, Part 5: Purification Back To The One

Dear friends,

A year ago today I visited a high school in Iqaluit before flying home to Toronto to conclude my life-changing North Pole journey.


North Pole Journey, Day Seven

The school bell rings and triggers a Pavlovian response in me. A feeling of excitement and freedom surges through my body. The halls fill with noisy, boisterous, vibrantly alive students who emerge from small rooms. Soon the auditorium is flooded with dynamic bodies full of the very hormones I felt pulsating through the halls when I first walked in. I peek out of my dressing room door and see a room agitated and full of energy...



(Continued from Welcome to Life School)

We must learn to purify our thoughts, lessen our attachment to our ego in order to evolve. Seeing life as a mirror provides a wonderful humbling opportunity to do just that. When we understand that what we experience is a result of our thoughts and perceptions, we can grow and make changes, so that our life becomes more fulfilling and joyful.

As our minds purify, eventually we become one with the Reality that we are love. Then, love is all we see. Once we have purified our minds, released our identification with our ego, the notion of life as a mirror dissolves. We see that we are literally one with all that is.

I say it over and over again: we are part of a much greater, intelligent whole. I think this is so important because most of us forget it. We get caught up in the micro-importance of what is happening right now, we lose the big picture of perfect interconnection. We get lost in defending our ego either by trying to prove our feeling worth by ‘got to get it right’, or by slathering on the “I am so great” or “I am so lowly” goop that we forget to keep our focus on Reality (and not on “reality”).

When we remember that we are part of a magnificent whole guiding us, we start to lessen our identification with the perceived importance of “me” and start of flow with pure consciousness. We let go of our defensive attachment to “reality” and start serving and merging with “Reality”.

When we have come to this place of ultimate non-attachment, a place I can speak of only from glimpses in exceptional moments, we realize that we are one with everything. We see that the notion of separation was an illusion all along. We fully understand that we are not creating anything at all. All already is! If anything, we have been resisting the perfection of creation. We have been learning to get out of the way the whole time and love. At that point, we reach yoga, a state of union, a place of absolute clarity where the mirror is no longer a separate reflection of our disconnected thoughts, but a perfect merging and a return to the One.

May each one of us remember our true nature and swiftly merge with “Reality” by humbly opening to and serving the “reality” that right before us.

In service,


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  1. Thank you, Parvati, for answering my question. It is something I have been struggling with for a long long time and I now have some clarity around it. There are some things that are happening in my life right now, which I find very challenging. Through this blog I have been able to look at them as an opportunity and a lesson. Like you said: the Universe is simply holding up a mirror. So what are these circumstances trying to tell me? What I am finding is deep attachments and a tremendous anxiety and fear around releasing them, almost paralyzing actually. Yet at some level there is gratitude for the opportunity to grow. Now that I have the awareness, I hope I also have the courage to make the right choices and let go of old patterns. Thank you again.

  2. Thank you as well, Parvati! I also find some of my attachments hard and place too much importance on things that do not matter,on how people perceive me or behave towards me. I know that how I think people see me is probably how I see myself, which in itself is the problem. I struggle with ability to purify my mind, and I also see my attachment not only to the ego, but also to what and how I think things should be (the illusion). I had an example of this today and knew where the attachments were coming from, but just was not sure how to purify and non-attach. This blog came at a right time. Thank you.... Jai!