Friday, August 19, 2011

Ask Parvati 25: Depression And Despair - Part 6: The Angels Are Among Us


(Continued from The Power Of Perception And Core Beliefs)

Whether we are depressed, despaired or not, at a very deep level in most of us, we experience the fear of aloneness and disconnection, a primal fear of lack of love. As we mature, we get to know ourselves more intimately, more lovingly, and hopefully treat ourselves with more kindness and acceptance. We learn to touch deep fears and rest more fully in an eternally loving presence of the now. Though we can see that our ego talks in the language of fear, we know we are safe, loved, supported and connected beyond what we understand.

I was recently walking in an area of the city where there was a lot of commotion. I noticed how my body was becoming tense and my gait more resistant. I took the change in my body as a form of communication, so I went inside and listened to what I was feeling.

When I tuned in, I found that I did not feel safe. Rather than putting on a mask and pretending I was fine, tough, had-it-all-together and was strong, I did the complete opposite. I inwardly called to the universe, shared my fear, and asked the angels with sincere honesty for help to feel safe. I shared with the angels for a moment what I was feeling and knew that I was heard. I asked them to be with me.

Seconds later, I joke not, I came upon a group of two women and three children I had never met before that were about to pass me on the sidewalk. As we approached each other, I was alerted to their presence when one child opened her arms as wide as she could and shouted with the most delightful, playful smile on her face: “Stop! You can’t cross here!”

I was feeling open and in the flow, so I immediately joined in her game. I opened my arms just as wide to greet her and said, “Ok! I am here!”

The next thing I knew, these two beautiful girls, perhaps four and five, came up to my legs and wrapped their whole bodies around me, sending me complete, grounded, unconditional love. I could feel my body relax and my being settle in their embrace. I breathed in the connection and became aware that the angels were in our midst.

After a minute or so of this precious, gracious exchange, the two mothers who were just as surprised as I was with this exchange, suggested to the children that it was time to go. Gently the two little girls let go of my legs and thighs, and we shared a glance that was rooted in open, unspoken understanding. I continued my walk with rooted freedom, openness and ease.

The angels are always with us, looking over us, watching our every step. They come in many forms, seen and unseen, old and young. We can touch them, access them, when we are willing to ask, and willing to receive.

The angels had just blessed me. Miracles are everywhere. I certainly was not alone. Nor are you.

May you feel loved and supported in every moment of every day. It may be just as simple as asking, opening and being receptive to the possibility that you are love, that you are loved in ways you cannot see or understand. Even when clouds cover the sky, the sun is always shining.

Much love,


(PS: Next submission will be posted this coming Sunday. Be well till then!)



  1. Easy for a woman to have this kind of experience. But if I (or any adult male) found myself in such a scenario with a little girl, or even a little boy for that matter, the kid's mom would call the cops and I would be thrown in the slammer, branded a pervert and facing child molestation charges. Sorry for being so cynical, but I am just not feeling loved and supported, and have only experienced despair come to the surface as I read this week's series of blog entries. Can't say I have ever felt the presence of angels of any kind.

  2. This is really beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing. I'm finding the posts on depression really helpful this week.

  3. Keval, as you experienced despair coming to the surface, what if you actually took the words of these blog entries to heart and actually practiced witnessing the despair instead of using the words as a springboard to go back into your story of how much you think you suck and are unloved?

    Do you not have the great fortune of being embraced by the Divine Mother? Did you not feel Her rocking you to sleep? Each of us receives grace in our own way.